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Hey there..from today onwards my journal will be 'Friends Only'.If you wanna add me ,most welcome,I will surely add you back^_^ sowee for the inconvinience but I had no other choice...
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yare yare

You are Tikal!
You are Tikal! You are extremely annoying. You
transport people to the past for no particuar
reason. Maybe it's just for your own enjoyment
to see them confused. No one knows about you,
no one cares about you, not even your own
father. It's all in all in the game of the

Which Sonic Adventure character are you?
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today was a boring time at the picnic where I got all dirty^.^ but anyhows I finished the eppies of Chobits till where Shinbo and his teacher are together..treally sweet^_^Anyhows so I'am just feeling so ICKY!!! I have a pic of Natz and Maryam which I havta scan but then she told me not to so I won't ..sigh.....I feel so sleepy now....

I just hope things turn out well and nothing go's wrong cuz I take things too seriously!! I often wonder how times change..I mean I like rurouni kenshin so much for a while and now I'am fine with it though I'm sick of my buddy;s attitude!!I think I'll go do some art work ~yawn~

Well take care ya all


~Kawai Rosh

You are Tomoyo!
You are Tomoyo! You are a good friend of Sakura.
You are sweet and caring. You pay much
attention to your surroundings. You love to
sing too. Sakura is very lucky to have a friend
like you.

Which Card Captor Sakura Character Are You?
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Sports day was yesterday

My today's startscope suited me alot
The Aquarian Moon joins up with Neptune, planet of illusion, to give a greater vision of your hopes and dreams. Look for confused co-workers and classmates to need a helping hand throughout the day.

cuz toay I told Anood tht she's one of my best friends which is a truth cuz she's cool^_^ but then again,today grade 9A and 9B had another silly fight.I'am so sick of my two class grades fighting tht I just don't care anymore.Today everyone got their duke of edinburgh awards and Natz was talking to me on the phone and told me tht she'd tell..ahem YOU-KNOw-WHO something so I threathened her abt the piccie I took of her's yesterday and then there wa a big hungama..I hope she quit's it:(

anyhows...let's see which character test I do today!!

I'm Eiji!
You're Eiji!

(Prince of Tennis) Which Seigaku Regular are you?
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man today was the best sports day ever after like...2 years!!Though my house came second this time you all will be surpirsed when you compare my this year's sprots day entry to my last year's one here have a look I feel so happy cuz this time Pearl was in the lead ,my house Coral was second and Sapphire came 3rd and Amythest came last:( though I miss all my good friend players Sara adel and Farah cuz they ROCK!!!!many girls left and it felt really sad without many of em.From my class only 8 gals came today and from the next as well:( but I'am glad

Something stupid tht I felt today was tht I was just beng nice to Sana Afzal and Anood and Natz were like 'oooh lesbo' I got so bugged by them,and they think hugging each other nowadays is weird.OK!I know tht times change but aw c'mon I'am so not liking this thing for not hugging and being to the limit friendly is so called 'cool' cuz if tht's the case then I can just imagine how snobbish people will get in the mere thing I like abt my sister's class,they don't care abt hugs ,and I like such people.I wish my class was more friendly and photogenic and a bit huggy wise!!UGH

since Sana's a Capricorn and Natz is a Libra from Venus ,my starscope of today matched SO WELL!!
Today's Moon in Capricorn favors the established way of doing things. Its disharmony with Venus, planet of love, does not bode well for experimentation or exotic love affairs. Put your passions aside and work on creating a stronger foundation.

but then again I'am glad everything went well MASHALLAH^^
I hope life go's better but really is just too short.....

Which Harry Potter guy falls in love with you? by Chili
Who:Remus J. Lupin
When......he meets you in Hogsmeade.
How he tells you:He announces it in the Daily Prophet.
What you do then:Run.
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I can't beleive time pass's byy so quickly tht just last year I had added the sports day to my memories and this year's is taking today we dropped Sana to lamcy for some reason .Many of my friends are willing for the sports day tommorrow...teehee...........
Today we missed drill practice and 5 minutes of english class because it was me,Manal,Urmila ,Nitesh,Sunny and another guy who went with Mrs.Bella toscano for the ministry of agriculture to give the minister flowers,we took some photos!!YAY!!

anyhows I'am very tired,gtg stufy ~sob~ I don't feel like going for soprts day tommorrow!!WAAH!

Your Gundam Wing Equal Opportunity Valentine by wickedchild_md
Your valentine giftRoses and a teddy bear.
Place you receive the giftEpyon
Do you haooy?Well, you just had to christen the new car.
Your valentineChar Aznable...WTF? It said Wing! Gundam WING!!!
Same time next year?Well only if you want to.
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well my valentines day wasn't that bad^_^

Your Icon is..... by d3athofs3asons
Your Name
Your Age
Your B-day
Your Icon Is....
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hehe I like these icon memes
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valy dally

today's a speacial day and I bet you all know what I'am talking abt'

happy valentines day!!!!!!!!!

Today in school it was really sad to find out when my friend's cousin died in a car accident with a very painfull was horrible...don't really wanna explain it...
anyhows so in class my day went bad cuz Natz din and I were almost cught and did but got safe..though I know the news will run around the staff..WAAAAH!!

though something bad happened with natz;s grapes...anyhows
take care ya all!!
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I made 5 new icons today^_^

4 Naruto(hinata,Naruhina,chibi attack and neji..ofcourse^_~
1 Getbackers!!(Natsumi)

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